The Art Of Banksy

The Art Of Banksy curated by Steve Lazarides,


Banksy the global name when it comes to graffiti in 1997 Steve Lazarides got commissioned to photograph Banksy and this is where the business partnership was formed, but know the partnership has separated, Steve has brought together a huge selection of the artist’s work both prints and original works, which is being shown in Amsterdam, From 18th June to 8th January 2017.


The highlights of the installation include a reconstruction of a London underground station and a Banksy studio. The Art Of Banksy showcases around 80 of his original works to tell the artist story as Steve See it.


We will be visiting the show in December so stay posted for the 2nd part of this article and a real view of what the show has to offer the paying customer.




Banksy Leaves Mural On bristol School Wall....

Banksy has done it again and this time for a little primary school in Bristol.

The school children of Bridge Farm Primary recently named a school house after him and as a big thank you Banksy sprayed the school playground wall and left a cheecky note that caused havoc with the schools code of discipline - "Remember it's always easier to get forgiveness than permission".

The graffiti of a stick girl bowling a burning tyre along the 14ft wall was discovered as a teacher returned from the half-term break.

A spokesman for Banksy has confrimed that the piece is 100% genuine, which leave the head teach with a huge dilemma as the piece is worth tens of thousands, But he has stated that "he has no plans to sell it".

Evil Bunnies - The Wonderful World Of Charles Uzzell-Edwards AKA Pure Evil.

Charles Uzzell-Edwards is a graffiti artist and a gallery owner who’s tag - Pure Evil is prolific in the Urban Art world. He opened the Pure Evil gallery in trendy Shoreditch, East London, back in 2007 and has never looked back creating a fantastic hub for the graffiti art scene.

Pure Evil and his Bunny – As a kid he was fascinated by guns. And having a cousin that lived in a big house in the country, with shotguns at hand he once borrowed one of the guns, and went deep into the countryside, where he shot a little rabbit. Since that day he’s always regretted the terrible deed.

When he got back he started sketching the bunny design that has become his tag that he uses today as a symbol of retribution, and a sign that you have to pay for your actions. And the amazing thing is it only takes seconds to sign up, so if you’re tagging in the streets you can be gone in seconds.

He’s not really interested in being subtle. And wants to make people look; I welcome the conflict. And the irony is that he has a can of Graffiti Buster to hand and if someone sprays over the window of his street art gallery, then he’s the guy who has to clean it off.




Bibo Restaurant (Hong Kong)

If you love great French food but can't cook, and love amazing street art by the greats like Banksy, Vhils and Brainwash but can’t draw. Then I’ve came across a little restaurant in Hong Kong called BIBO, that caters for around 50 tables with around 200 eager customers craving for fine food and fine art.

As you enter the restaurant you are immediately impressed, as you descend the stairs into the dining area you are hit by the sheer scale of the art collection that is stuffed into every nook and cranny, that seem to efortsuly set the mood throughout the venue as the array of colour and texture compliment the works’ and the food being the icing on the cake just finish of a great dining experience.

So if you ever in Hong Kong and want to kill two birds with one stone? Eating fine French cuisine whilst admiring fine art the Bibo is the place for you. But please be aware this does come at a premium as we have seen a roast chicken being sold for $1400.

Banksy Spay Or Not Spray.

On my travels to sunny Hastings last week I was lucky enough to find a fantastic piece of street art by Banksy, which got me thinking, do we really know that he sprayed the work and it wasn’t some local artist looking to create a name for himself by creating fakes.


Back in March 2013 The well known artist (STIK) inserted his works into The Big Issue making the vendors art dealers for 1 week. In my eyes and speaking with the big issue sellers this was an amazing sucsess because for that week you couldnt buy a big issue and when you found some you would buy four hoping for the full set. Wouldn't it be great if this was a regular thing for Big Issue and upcoming artists to start working together. please share this post and comment to see if we can make this happen.